Links: A full 1978 issue of Cinefantastique

An entire 1978 issue of the horror, sci-fi and fantasy magazine Cinefantastique can be downloaded PDF-style here thanks to the folks at the superb blog Cinephilia and Beyond.

Included in the issue are….

An interview with Stephen King in which the author discusses Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Carrie and expresses his displeasure with Stanley Kubrick’s original vision for the ending of The Shining, which was still in production at the time.

Stephen King

Interviews with the makers of AlienInvasion of the Body Snatchers and Piranha. The quote below regarding Piranha’s aquatic creature feature lineage comes from producer Jon Davison.

Piranha #3

A set visit to the Monroeville, Pennsylvania mall where George Romero was lensing Dawn of the Dead. Below, Romero does his best zombie walk with megaphone in hand.

Dawn of the Dead (Romero) copy

And, finally, a brutal review for the original Halloween. If this critic hated John Carpenter’s seminal slasher this much, I shudder to think what he had to say about Happy Birthday to Me or Terror Train.

Halloween review #2

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