Studio posters versus their artsy alternatives

Poster Temp_Layout 1

Above are the official posters for a pair of underperforming action movies from earlier this year. They convey all the basic information about the movies they represent. These actors will appear. They will fire guns. There will be explosions. You will see at least this much of Emma Stone’s thigh.

Below is the work of six artists who’ve crafted their own “unofficial” posters, part of a new groundswell of “alternative” posters countering the studios’ glut of hyper-literal promotional materials.

Click on the name of any artist to check out their website.
By Chris Thornley
Gangster Squad (Ben Whitesell)
By Ben Whitesell

Gangster Squad 3 (Ibraheem Youssef)
By Ibraheem Youssef
MBNoRestr_1shtfinal:Layout 1
By Laz Marquez
Gangster Squad (Matthew Ferguson)
By Matthew Ferguson
Gangster Squad 5 (Oliver Sin)
By Oliver Sin

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