Walking the long hallway with Friday the 13th

xFinal Friday poster

When I was a kid, the distance between my Uncle Jimmy’s living room and the bathroom down the hall seemed to stretch a full mile. I spent many a Saturday night gorging on horror movies and trying to muster the courage to creep down that endless corridor to unload a bladder full of A&W Root Beer.

The Friday the 13th’s were the movies that made that hallway feel the longest and the darkest.

When I went back to visit that apartment after years away, much of it was as I remembered. The buzzer at the top of the stoop. The shelves full of dusty books. The gray cat scurrying under the bed. But the distance between my Uncle Jimmy’s living room and the bathroom down the hall was only a couple of feet.Outside of a handful of entires, the Friday the 13th movies haven’t held up particularly well. Then again, they were never really intended to. They were disposable annual rites of adolescent passage best ingested alongside a bladder’s worth of A&W Root Beer. Yet they evoke great fondness whenever I revisit them  – invariably on a day like today, a Friday the 13th. Then I’m ten years old again. And that hallway stretches a full mile.
< br > Friday the 13th 2 (#f1)
Friday the 13th (#7)
Friday the 13th
(Above) A trio of pictures featuring legendary special effects artist Tom Savini plying his trade.
Friday the 13th Makeup
(Above) A step-by-step guide to Savini’s creation of the deformed young Jason Vorhees in the original Friday the 13th. The graphic comes from Fangoria issue #6 and was scanned for posterity by Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horror.

Friday the 13th Part 3
(Above) Friday the 13th Part III actor Larry Zerner has an appliance affixed to his neck for his role as zany practical joker Shelly, the most slashable of all the series’ victims.
Friday the 13th remake
(Above) A still from the 2009 remake.
Jason Takes Manhattan (franchise)
Friday the 13th Part VI storyboard
(Above) Storyboards from Jason Takes Manhattan (Part VIII) and Jason Lives (Part VI). Both of these come courtesy of the site Fridaythe13thfranchise.comwhich features interviews, filming locations, info on screenings and more.
Friday the 13th poster 2
Friday the 13th poster
Friday the 13th poster (Mark Welser)
(Above) An alternative Friday the 13th poster from artist Mark Welser.
Friday the 13th poser (Christopher Cox)
(Above) Poster by Christopher Cox.
Friday the 13th Part III (Jay Shaw)
(Above) Poster by Jay Shaw.
Friday the 13th alternative poster
(Above) Poster by Doaly.

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