Trailers, a host of stills and a New York Times interview for the Coen Brothers’ new movie Inside Llewyn Davis

Davis 2

Last week the New York Times ran this worthwhile interview with the Coen Brothers to promote their new film Inside Llewyn Davis, a fictional recounting of one week in the life of a struggling Greenwich Village folk artist in the winter of 1961. The interview covers everything from the Llewyn Davis casting process to the Coen’s shift to digital editing to the meaninglessness of the label “indie filmmaker.”

CBS Films also has an official site for the movie featuring three trailers, productions stills and even a detailed history of the Greenwich folk scene in the period before its popularity exploded.

Below are a few quotes from the Times article and some images from the movie, which is only the second Coen Brothers’ effort since 1991’s Barton Fink not to be lensed by cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Davis #1

“We were one of the last people to stop cutting on film. And when we stopped, people would say, “Why?” Honestly, the answer was because we couldn’t find assistants who knew how to work on film. They didn’t exist anymore. I mean, it was — I remember being in Ken Loach’s cutting room around then, and I said — he was cutting on a Steenbeck back then — and I said, “How do you do this?” And he pointed like that [points] and there was this, like, 96-year-old guy on the rewinds.” – Joel Coen

Davis 5

“…you know, someone asked us once how we adapt novels, and Ethan said, “Joel holds the book open by the spine, while I retype it into the computer.” – Joel Coen on his adaptation process, which has produced extremely faithful versions of No Country for Old Men and True Grit.

Davis 7

“When we started out, [producing a film independently] was just the default place because no one would give us money to make a movie. We would’ve taken it if it had been offered when we were making our first movie. We would’ve gone, “Is there somebody who will pay for this in a big Hollywood studio?” We were moving toward the indie thing, but in another way we were always hoping a big studio would release the movies. And there was a point where we looked at each other, and we went, “I guess we’re kind of the mainstream guys [now].”  – Joel Coen

Davis 4
Davis 8
Davis 6

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