Save a drive in, and then cruise to Illinois for an all-night horror marathon

13303. still
This Saturday (Sept. 21st), the Midway Drive-In & Diner in Sterling, IL is hosting a Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorfest featuring the original Fright Night, the original Death Race 2000 and Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. There will also be a mystery fourth movie, all for $10.

Opened in 1950, the Midway Drive-In is the oldest standing outdoor theatre in Illinois. But like many of the surviving drive-ins, it may not be standing for long. At some point – likely next year – movie studios will stop sending out 35mm prints of first-run movies in favor of digital projection.

Converting to digital projection costs upwards of $80,000, meaning many theaters that aren’t generic multiplexes will have a difficult time staying open.

You can do something to help save a few of those theaters.

Honda is sponsoring a contest called Project Drive-In. The four drive-ins receiving the most votes between now and Sept. 21st will win a free digital projector. You can vote once a day from each online device.

If you have a neighborhood drive-in, go here and vote for it. If not, I suggest you cast a vote for the Midway Drive-In because any theater playing Fright Night deserves to live on.
Fright Night Death Race 2000 Friday the 13th Part VII

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