We’re going to need a bigger chopper – alternative Sharknado posters

Sharknado still #2

The LA-based outfit The Asylum made its name crafting “mockbusters,” low-rent versions of big-budget studio fare largely purchased by either lovers of bad cinema or people who didn’t look closely enough at the cover art . My stepfather once called me in the days when Blockbuster Video was still a thing to complain about the crappiness of the effects in Transformers, which he was super excited to have rented on the weekend it opened in theaters. I had to explain to him  that he’d just inadvertently put money into the coffers of Transmorphers.

The Asylum is still in the mockbuster business, as evidenced by its release this summer of the brazenly titled Atlantic Rim (which received a must-read production history in GQ.) But the company has found another niche in producing intentionally campy creature features for the SyFy network – hence the social media phenomenon known as Sharknado.

Sharknado is now available on DVD (if that’s still a thing) and VOD. In celebration, here’s a collection of alternative posters and a few amusing sequel suggestions by ambitious Photo-shoppers.
Sharknado poster Jeremy Gaulkenstei
(Above) Poster design by Jeremy Gaulke.
Sharknado #3

(Above) Poster design by Glen Brogan.
Sharknado #3 (Petrie)
Sharknado #2(Above) Two posters designed by Anthony Petrie.

Tsharknami Sharkcano Sharkalanche

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