31 Days of Horror: It’s Just a Harmless Little Bunny – Revenge of Nature posters

Night of the Lepus #2

In April of1970 the world celebrated (if that’s the right word) the first Earth Day.  In the decade that followed, apocalyptic prognostications, environmental regulations and an energy crisis that led the United States to briefly ration gas created a new sense of ecological anxiety. The horror movies of the era reflected – as the genre often does – those anxieties in a series of films in which environmental imbalance (often precipitated by corporate greed) caused our furry little friends to revolt against us. (Continue Reading)

But before we get to the posters of those marauding critters, here’s an anecdote from actor Robert Pine about 1977’s creature feature Empire of the Ants. The quote comes from the interview book A Sci-Fi Swarm and Horror Horde by Tom Weaver.

Bert I. Gordon, who was the director…had just finished doing a picture called The Food of the Gods, which was a similar thing – human beings being overcome by giant rats. Our movie was human beings being overcome by giant ants. I remember this one scene in which we were being confronted by the ants: Bert says, “When I yell Ants!” you all react.” He gets all ready and then says, “Okay, roll ‘em…action…” and then he yells, “Rats!” (Pause) “No,no,no,no! Ants!” (Laughs) He couldn’t even keep the pictures straight, ‘cause it was the same b.s. he had just done! – Robert Pine

Empire of the Ants

Robert Pine becoming rat…I mean ant food.

Willard (1971)

An advertisement for 1971’s Willard, intended for potential exhibitors. This comes from the Facebook page Nostalgic Drive-In Theater Newspaper Ads.

Now on to the posters. Click on any image for a larger version or to begin the slideshow.

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