31 Days of Horror: Hand-painted Thai movie posters

Terror Train (#2c)

Terror Train (1980)

Before putting together this collection of movie posters from Thailand, my knowledge of the country was informed almost entirety by The Hangover II, Only God Forgives and, of course, that staple of Thai tourism, Kickboxer. But in the process, I discovered a few new Thailand facts.

1) Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles. Is Malaysia known as The Kingdom of Snuggles and nobody told me? (continue reading)

2) Thailand has a history of amazingly intricate hand-drawn movie posters.

3) Thai artists have no problem accurately rendering killer sharks, severed appendages and exploding heads, but painting a remotely realistic facsimile of Emilio Estevez is impossible.

Most of this collection comes from artist Aeron Alfrey’s blog Monster Brains, where you can find even more Thai poster craziness in addition to Alfrey’s original work.

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