31 Days of Horror: The cover art of Arrow Video

Day of the Dead (Arrow video)

Arrow Video is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of home media. Or, more appropriately, the Dr. Schlock and Mr. Prestige. The British company has released extras-laden DVDs for  the likes of The Bicycle Thief and The Conformist. It has also released B-movie morsels Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Christmas Evil and Maniac Cop. (Continue reading)

The one commonality between Arrow’s high-brow and low-brow impulses is the magnificent original cover art the company commissions for its releases. Below are some of the more memorable designs from the label’s horror offerings. Some of Arrow’s covers are so over-the-top they were deemed inappropriate for a bastion of refined tastes such as Deep Fried Movies – yep, I’m looking at you House by the Cemetery, Motel Hell, and Pieces – but you can track that artwork down yourselves at Arrow’s official site.

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