31 Days of Horror: The artwork of Mondo

Halloween (Ken Taylor)

Halloween (1978) by Ken Taylor

When Mondo put out its shingle back in 2004, it sold cult movie-centric t-shirts out of a room the size of a coat check closet at the original Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. Today, Mondo has transformed into a purveyor of highly sought-after alternative posters, commissioning original artworks whose limited runs typically sell out on their first day of availability. (continue reading)

Today, we’re concentrating on Mondo’s horror film art. To see more Mondo, visit the official site. To peruse other designs from the artists included in the gallery, just click on any of the names below:

Ken Taylor, Charlie Adlard, Jon Smith, James Rheem Davis, Methane Studios, Randy Ortiz, Rhys Cooper, The Silent Giants, Florian Bertmer, Daniel Danger, Alex Pardee, Olly Moss, Martin Ansin and Ghoulish Gary Pullin.


  1. dmacmunn

    The “Halloween” movie poster is genius! I want that hanging in my place! Where can i get a copy? Also I have a great blog called “10 Halloween Horror Movies for you and your Teen!” I have compiled a list of films in which gradually introduces your teen to the horror genre without scaring them away and also without boring them to death. Check it out at http://www.aseatonatrain.wordpress.com

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