DP Alex Buono explains – in amazingly technical detail – the process behind making Saturday Night Live’s Wes Anderson spoof

In the Edward Norton-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live back on Oct. 26th, SNL unveiled an amusing trailer for an imaginary Wes Anderson-directed home invasion horror film.

The cinematographer for that faux-trailer, Alex Buono, has posted a lengthy and astonishingly detailed breakdown of the shoot on his blog. Behind the scenes photos. Overhead lighting plots. The explanation behind the choice of camera (an Arri Alexa Plus), lenses (mainly anamorphic primes), lighting units and color palette. (continue reading)Below is just a little taste. Check out the entire post at Buono’s blog.

“Before I launch into our specific camera setup, let’s chat for a second about shooting anamorphic. “Anamorphic” is one of those fetishized terms among cineastes that not everyone completely understands. Simply put, an anamorphic lens is a normal lens with an added front element that “squeezes” the image 2:1, creating a tall, skinny distorted picture that is later “unsqueezed” in post, becoming a widescreen image…..Wes Anderson favored the 40mm anamorphic (lens) on his earlier films and we, too, found the 40mm to be the most useful to create that signature look, which includes a bit of cylindrical distortion on the edges of frame. We ended up using the 40mm on 90% of the shots.” – Alex Buono

Edward Norton and director Ryhs Thomas

An overhead lighting plot for the spoof’s opening shot……

The House Shot

….and what the shot ended up looking like.

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