Behind the scenes stills, posters and more from Brian De Palma’s original Carrie (1976)

Carrie poster #2 (#25)

“I’ve made so many films and people still keep saying “The Horror Genre.” They never seem like horror films to me! Horror films are “Hammer Films” — vampires and Frankenstein. I love those pictures, but I don’t feel it’s exactly what I’m doing…” – Brian De Palma in a 1977 issue Cinefantastique

One of the arguments in the case against director (and noted Alfred Hitchcock fetishist) Brian De Palma is that De Palma is a cold formalist who places the style of his intricate set pieces above the human beings within them. Which is why it’s so surprising that De Palma’s 1976 version of Carrie is filled with significantly more empathy than the recent remake from director Kimberly Peirce, the humanist behind Boys Don’t Cry. (continue reading)

And of course – since it is a De Palma film – you also get luscious slow motion, split screens and dual diopters aplenty. None of which are present in Peirce’s re-imagining, which replaces them with a Carrie that flies and dialogue referencing Tim Tebow.

Below are a collection of behind the scenes stills, posters and other artwork from De Palma’s Carrie – the first and still one of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s work.

Behind the Scenes Stills

Most of the behind the scenes images and original release posters come courtesy of the blog Discreet Charms and Obscure Objects – a great source for poster collections emphasizing both art house and genre movies. Click on any image for a larger version or to begin a slide show.

Original Theatrical Posters

Contemporary Alternative Posters

Home Video Releases

United Artists press book

These scans from the 1976 United Artists press book for Carrie come from the website Vinnie Rattolle Presents Cult Oddities. The site also has archived a multitude of interviews with Carrie creative personnel, a draft of the script and a history of the film’s production.

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