Behind the Scenes: The Monuments Men (2014)

Monuments Men #2 (ASC)

Photo from the February issue of American Cinematographer Magazine.

“(My producing and writing partner Grant Heslov) and I finished shooting The Ides of March and looked back at the films we’d been doing, and it was nothing but cynical films. We’re really not cynical people, so we thought we should do one with a positive view of the world.” – George Clooney on the origins of The Monuments Men during his reddit AMA

After failing to make its initial December release date, the George Clooney-directed Monuments Men hits theaters nationwide today. The $70 million World War II flick is loosely based on the true story of a group of artists and academics (including Billy Murray, John Goodman and Matt Damon) recruited to help the Allied forces prevent Adolph Hitler from destroying the classic works of art he’d been pillaging from across Europe.

Monuments Men (McClatchy)

John Goodman (left), George Clooney (center) and Jean Dujardin (right) rehearse a scene from The Monuments Men. The outdoor exteriors were mainly shot on 35mm film while the interiors and night shots employed the digital Arri Alexa, according to the February issue of American Cinematographer Magazine. (Photo from McClatchy DC)

real Monuments Men (coolector)

A few of the real Monuments Men posing with one of their re-acquired classics. (Photo from The Coolector).

Photos courtesy of Ace Showbiz, Yahoo! Movies, The Coolector, The New York Times, McClatchy DC and American Cinematographer Magazine.

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