40 Behind the Scenes pics from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When Sony’s prematurely rebooted Amazing Spider-Man went before cameras in December of 2010, it marked the first major feature to be shot with the Red Epic. For the sequel – released into theaters this weekend – director Marc Webb opted for anamorphic 35mm as well as post-conversion 3D (the original was shot in stereo).

An early version of the Red Epic 3D rig used on The Amazing Spider-Man. Photo from FX Guide.

Check out International Cinematographers Guild Magazine and FX Guide’s features on 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man and Kodak’s piece on Part 2. Continue onward for a collection of making-of pics.

#1 Stills photographer Niko Tavernise
#2 Swide
#3 Daily Mail
#4 Flicks and Bits
#5 CG Meetup
#6 Vulture
#7 Action Movie Fanatix
#8 Super Hero Hype
#9 Cosmic Book News
#10 LA Times
#11 Movies Coming Soon

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