The posters of Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe cycle

Haunted Palace #2 (drive-in newspaper)

Beginning with 1960’s House of Usher, Roger Corman directed eight films for American International Pictures based (sometimes tenuously) on the work of Edgar Allan Poe in the span of just five years.

But after founding his own studio, New World Pictures, in 1970, Corman largely gave up directing. Here’s Corman on why he made that transition, from a new interview conducted by director Jonathan Demme for Interview magazine.

The initial part of the decision was that I was shooting a picture in Ireland called Von Richthofen and Brown [1971], and I just became tired. I had directed more than 50 pictures in 15 years. I remember one time I was shooting a picture during the day, casting another picture during the lunch hour, and editing the previous picture in the evening. At that point I realized it was out of control. On Von Richthofen and Brown I was just so tired I thought, “What I’ll do is I’ll just finish the picture”—which I did, although I was so tired I barely managed to – “and I’ll take a year off and rest.” Then I got bored and I started New World Pictures. I became…sort of a producer and a supervisor of films. I found that role to be very fulfilling, and one thing led to another and I just didn’t go back to directing because it was so fascinating to be involved with all of these different aspects of filmmaking.

Below you’ll find a collection of exhibitor ads for Corman’s Poe cycle, courtesy of the Facebook page Nostalgic Drive-In Theater Newspaper Ads.

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