Behind the Scenes: Do the Right Thing (1989)

Do the Right Thing #4 (discreet)

We’re nowhere near the hottest day of the summer yet, but it’s never too early for a behind the scenes pic from Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. This shot shows the set-up for the shoe-scuffing scene featuring the great character actors John Savage (in the Larry Bird t-shirt) and Giancarlo Esposito (immediately to the left of Savage’s bike).

The film earned two Oscar nominations – one for Danny Aiello’s performance and another for Spike Lee’s screenplay – but was passed over for a Best Picture nod. Driving Miss Daisy ultimately won that prize, and Spike Lee is still none too happy about it. Here’s Lee from an interview with Slant Magazine last November:

Let’s not even talk about Driving Miss Daisy: “best film of 1989.” That’s some bullshit right there. But history reveals things. I mean, Do the Right Thing is being taught at universities, colleges, and high schools all around the world. Nobody’s checking on Driving Miss Daisy. And you can go down the line like that with the Academy. Raging Bull losing to…what was the name of that Robert Redford film? Ordinary People? Come on, now. No disrespect to Robert Redford, but the Academy gets it wrong sometimes. Raging Bull is one of the greatest films ever made, and its loss did not diminish its greatness.

The pic comes courtesy of The Vinyl Bridge. Check out the scene below:


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