Movie Poster of the Day: Willow Creek (2013)

Willow Creek poster #2

Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait leaves behind his penchant for comedies of discomfort (Sleeping Dogs Lie, World’s Greatest Dad, God Bless America) for found footage horror in his latest, Willow Creek. Shot in a Corman-esque five days in Willow Creek, California – the site of the famed Patterson-Gimlin footage of an alleged Yeti taking a stroll – the film contains only 67 edits and features a 19-minute take. 

The phrase “found footage” may spook those of us burned repeatedly by the subgenre’s recent history of killer moon rocks and shuffling ottomans, but Ti West’s The Sacrement just proved there’s life left in the conceit if handled intelligently. Add Goldthwait’s track record to these two pretty fantastic posters and I’m leaning toward giving Willow Creek a shot when it hits VOD on Friday.

Willow Creek poster #1

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