100 vintage Ghana movie posters

Ghana_Layout 1

If the hand-painted 1980s movie posters of Ghana are to be believed, every movie released in that period featured snake-human hybrids, bare breasts and a basketful of severed limbs. Alien vs. Predator has a giant dinosaur. Night of the Demons boasts an alligator woman. Cujo is a cocker spaniel.

In the early days of the home video era, entrepreneurs with a VCR, a portable generator and a television traveled from town to town, city to village, offering VHS screenings to be devoured by the movie-hungry inhabitants of the West African nation. To draw crowds for these rolling roadshows, local artists were contracted to paint lurid, colorful and marginally representational posters for the screenings onto flour-sack canvases – often times without having seen the film.

As the 1990s progressed and more Ghanaians found access to their own televisions, the traveling movie shows began to die out. However, the posters have found a new life with Western enthusiasts. I’ve been meaning to put up a gallery of these posters for quite awhile, but a Ghana art binge on the Twitter feed of Dr. Giallo finally spurred me to action. The good doctor is a great follow if you’re into hard-to-find genre posters so check him out here.

Dr. Giallo’s twitter feed

Awesome Robo


Twisted Sifter

Primitive Explorer

Slightly Warped

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