The Movie Poster Art of John Alvin

Alvin_Layout 1

This week Titan Books released a career retrospective on master poster creator John Alvin, appropriately titled The Art of John Alvin. The book was penned by the late illustrator’s wife, and fellow artist, Andrea Alvin.

John Alvin broke into movies with his 1974 poster for Mel Brooks’ western spoof Blazing Saddles. Over the next three decades his artwork adorned the ads for more than 130 movies, including repeated collaborations with Brooks, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and Disney. Below is a gallery celebrating Alvin’s work. To learn more about Alvin’s creative process and his art, check out Titan’s new book, which is reasonably priced at $20 for the hardcover.

And if you enjoyed this Alvin retrospective, check out our tributes to poster designers Bill Gold and Tom Chantrell.


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