Behind the Scenes: Interstellar (2014)

The somewhat tepid reaction to Christopher Nolan’s epic-length sc-fi Interstellar convinced me not to make the four hour round trip from Cincinnati that would be necessary to see the film in IMAX 70mm. Instead, I’ll settle for checking it out in 4K digital projection this afternoon. In preparation, I hunted down this gallery of behind the scenes pics.


New York Times
iMax Behind the Scenes Featurette
Behind the Scenes Featurettes
Pickled Elephant


  1. Kenny Mosher

    What is Nolan always holding/wearing around his neck?

  2. mattmulcahey

    I’m assuming it’s a wireless monitor. And I’m assuming the string around it was put there by the crew after Nolan kept sitting the monitor down in random places and losing it. Yes, he’s Chris Nolan. But he’s still a director.

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