The Posters of Clint Eastwood

The autumnal critical and commercial success of Clint Eastwood continues with American Sniper, which bowed to more than $90 million at the domestic box office this weekend (the second highest grossing R-rated opening in movie history) and earned Eastwood his eighth Oscar nomination since 2004. Not bad for a guy who, prior to turning 60, was primarily known for playing a nameless gunfighter, a civil liberties-infringing renegade cop and a bare-knuckle boxer with an orangutan sidekick.

Personally, I’ll take High Plains Drifter and The Outlaw Josey Wales over most of Eastwood’s highly accoladed post-Mystic River directorial output, but the man has certainly had a one-of-a-kind career. Here’a  look back at Eastwood’s oeuvre through his film’s posters.


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