Behind the Scenes: The Films of Terry Gilliam

“I never thought necessarily that I do fantasy (films) because I always thought I’m actually dealing with reality, it just happens to be through the eyes of a cartoonist. I’m a cartoonist; that’s what I am at heart. In cartoons, you take reality and deform it, you make it grotesque, you make it funny. You alter it, but it works because it’s based upon reality. That’s what I try to do.” – Terry Gilliam

With the latest from Terry Gilliam – The Zero Theorem – out this week on home video, Deep Fried Movies takes a look back at Gilliam’s iconoclastic, fantastical work via production stills taken on the director’s sets.


Cinephilia and Beyond
The Criterion Collection
Jeff Bridges’ official site
Behind the Clapperboard
Desiree Corridono’s official site (hair and wig designer on The Brothers Grimm)

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