Behind the Scenes: Lucy (2014)

“When I was young I was far from the actors, because I was afraid of them. Then with time I got closer to them. Now I’m only a meter away from the actors…” Lucy director, producer and A-camera operator Luc Besson, in an interview with American Cinematographer’s The Film Book blog

With Lucy (2014) out on home video, Deep Fried Movies takes a look at the film’s production via a gallery of behind the scenes photos. Directed by Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element), the film tells the story of a college student (Scarlett Johannson) who experiences an exponential leap in cognitive abilities after accidentally overdosing on a potent narcotic. The movie was shot mainly on the Sony F65 (though some scenes employed IMAX, Arri and Red cameras), which Besson chose after viewing blind camera tests. Besson operated the A-camera – typically on a fluid head and slider and using a Fujinon 18-80 zoom. B-camera was typically reserved for Steadicam shots, which mostly employed Cooke S4 prime lenses.

To read more about Lucy’s production, check out the excellent interviews in American Cinematographer and Film and Digital Times.



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