Look Book: It Follows and the photography of Gregory Crewdson


When filmmakers are in preproduction, they often put together a “lookbook” – a collection of images from other filmmakers, painters, photographers, etc. that serves as visual inspiration. The idea behind this new semi-occasional column is to peek into a movie’s lookbook to reveal some of its forbearers. And we’ll begin with It Follows, whose disparate influences include the dreamlike, melancholy suburban Gothic of photographer Gregory Crewdson.

Here’s It Follows cinematographer Mike Gioulakis , from an interview I did with him for Filmmaker Magazine. Continue onward after the quote for a collection of images from the film and the work of Crewdson.

“[It Follows director David Robert Mitchell and I] talked about a lot of different references. He’s obviously a fan of John Carpenter and a lot of horror from the ’70s and ’80s, but most of our visual references were not in the teen horror realm. We talked a lot about Paris, Texas, Blue Velvet and Rear Window. We’re both big fans of the still photographer Gregory Crewdson and David had him in his lookbook from day one. [Crewdson’s] photographs have the same kind of surreal suburban imagery that we wanted for It Follows.” – Mike Gioulakis

If Follows


Gregory Crewdson

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