Behind the Scenes (Self-Plug Edition): The Girl Is In Trouble (2015)

The Girl Is In Trouble (2015) – a movie I worked on in New York as 2nd Assistant Camera starring Columbus Short and Wilmer Valderrama – hit limited theatrical release and VOD last weekend. I haven’t watched the completed film yet, but it’s garnered positive reviews from, The Dissolve and The Village Voice.

I thought I’d share a few pictures I took while on set. The movie was shot on 35mm with an Arricam LT – which will likely be the last time I get to be around 35mm. I met Spike Lee, one of my favorite directors and one of The Girl Is In Trouble’s executive producers. I got to hear the great character actor Mike Starr tell stories about Goodfellas (which he always started with, “I remember one time when I was working with Marty…you know, Mary Scorsese”). A very memorable experience.

Here’s a link to the film’s trailer and a list of VOD viewing options, including Amazon and iTunes.

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