50 Behind the Scenes pics for Jaws’ 40th Anniverssary

Ben Gardner’s severed head still gets ’em. I caught a 40th Anniversary screening of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) yesterday as part of the Cinemark theater chain’s Classic Series, and when the bloated, bulging-eyed cranium of doomed fisherman Ben Gardner popped up through a hole in his boat, most of the audience jumped out of their seats just as they had four decades ago when Jaws – for better or for worse – forever changed the idea of a summer blockbuster.

Here’s a look back at the making of the film, which remains a lean, brutally efficient B-movie made by A-list talent. For further reading, check out this 1975 feature on the film in American Cinematographer courtesy of the blog The Bearded Trio.


Behind the Clapperboard
Ain’t It Cool News
Empire Magazine
Will McCrabb
Vintage Everyday
The Bearded Trio
American Cinematographer

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