Behind the Scenes: Trainwreck (2015)

“A general way of looking at it is when you turn the camera on with Judd, (the film magazine) is going to roll out. There’s no quick, grabbed thing. The camera is rolling for 15 minutes and when there are two 35mm cameras rolling for 15 minutes, it’s a lot of film…That’s very much the way that Judd works.” – Trainwreck cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes.

I had the opportunity to interview Trainwreck director of photography Jody Lee Lipes (Tiny Furniture, Martha Marcy May Marlene) for Filmmaker Magazine. Check out the story here. Continue onward for a gallery of behind the scenes pics from the movie, which was shot mainly on Arricam LT and Arricam Studio 35mm cameras with Kodak stock and Cooke 5i lenses.

For more of Deep Fried Movies‘ behind the scenes galleries, click here.

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