Interview: Ashby director Tony McNamara

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An excerpt from an interview I did with Ashby writer/director Tony McNamara for Filmmaker Magazine. The film stars Nat Wolff as a suburban Virginia high schooler taken under the wing of ex-CIA assassin Mickey Rourke. Check out the entire interview over at Filmmaker.

“…On the day we shot the boxing scene (where Mickey teaches Nat to take a punch), Mickey was very concerned about getting hit because, weirdly enough, he hates fight scenes in movies. Because, from his point of view, there’s always a bad stunt coordinator and you end up getting hit. I think he’s been accidentally punched in the face, a few times so he was very adamant and he brought down his own guy from New York. He kept saying to me, “If that kid hits me in the face, I’m going to hit you in the face.” (laughs) But then once we started, because he’s a boxer, his boxer’s instincts kicked in. Even when I’d say cut, he’d keep throwing jabs and Nat was like, “We’ve stopped! We’ve stopped!” – Tony McNamara

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