Pic of the Day: Cheating angles on the set of Room (2015)

Room Remp

Setting the first 45 minutes of the Oscar-nominated drama Room in a 10-foot-by-10-foot shed necessitated the occasional cheat – such as above, where a section of the set’s floor was removed in order to get the Red Epic Dragon low enough for this over-the-shoulder reverse on Brie Larson.

Here’s Room director Lenny Abrahamson on the rules he and cinematographer Danny Cohen devised for the shed-set portion of the film:

“A rule we set for ourselves in shooting was that the lens of the camera would always be inside the boundaries of Room. The camera body might be behind the line of the wall (whether the wall was there or not) but the lens would be inside it. This was important in preserving the audience’s immersion in the world of Room, and in maintaining the sense of immediacy and intimacy that drives this section of the film. We could have cheated, but I’m certain something would have been lost.”

Read the rest of Abrahamson’s self-penned thoughts on Room here. Or check out this interview I did with Cohen for MovieMaker in which the British DP breaks down shots from Room, The Danish Girl, and The Program.

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  1. Jordan Richardson

    Sweet. Those first moments really were confining and they did a wonderful job evoking a sense that the outside world was a fairy tale all its own, a place beyond the Room that we’d perhaps never see again.

    Thanks for sharing.

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