Shot Behind the Shot: Key Largo (1948)

Behind the scenes of Key Largo

A set-up on John Huston’s 1948 noir Key Largo for a scene in which a centenarian Native American woman bums a cigarette off Humphrey Bogart’s vagabond ex-army captain. The film marked the final of four big screen pairings of Bogart and wife Lauren Bacall.

Released the same year as Huston and Bogart’s Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo finds Bogart and gangster Edward G. Robinson squaring off in a Florida hotel besieged by a hurricane.


  1. Jay Kanter

    Sorry to inform you that this was not the final pairing of Bogart and Bacall, they made “The Petrified Forest” in 1955 for Producers Showcase which was Bogarts only T.V. film.

    • mattmulcahey


      I meant theatrical film pairings, but point taken. I’ve edited the post to make that distinction. Would love to see this TV version of Petrified Forest. Looks like Henry Fonda was in it as well.


      • Jay Kanter

        Matt,I believe you can find this on YouTube. I am on the staff of a Facebook site “Classic Film Noir 1940-1958” and you can become a member and we would enjoy your film knowledge for our members.Check it Out.

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