CinematographerDarren Lew (imdb link)
DirectorCary Joji Fukunaga (imdb link)
Aspect Ratio2.39
GenreDrama, Sci-Fi
CameraPanavision Millennium DXL (optics by Panavision, color science by Light Iron, 8K large format sensor by Red)
LensesPanavision AnamorphicsC Series, E Series and T Series

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Shot/Reverse Shot            Color                             Profile                             Low Contrast
Center Framing                  Lens Flare                    Diners                             Courtroom
Elevators                              Wide Angle Lens         Establishing Shots      Hotels
Iris                                        Office                             Frame Within Frames
Inserts                                  Bench                            Shafts of Light             Foreground/Background
Car Wreck                            Long Takes

The Show
Two participants in a pharmaceutical trial (Emma Stone, Johan Hill) find themselves intertwined in the trial’s therapuutic series of drug-induced delusions.

Single Frames

Groups of Frames

Shot/Reverse Shot


Center Framing

Low Contrast


Lens Flare




Car Wreck

Below is an edit-by-edit breakdown of a car wreck scene at the end of Episode 2 in which Emma Stone’s character and her sister collide with a semi on a winding mountain rod.

Scene duration – 65 seconds
Edits – 26
Average shot length – 2.5 seconds

Long Take

Cary Joji Fukunaga is no stranger to the long action scene oner, having unfurled a legendary six-minute tracking shot of Matthew McConaughey shooting his way out of the projects in Season 1 of True Detective. In Episode 9 of Maniac we get a two-minute oner of Stone and Hill – during an espionage themed delusion – blasting their way down a hallway and into an elevator. Below are some frames from the extended take.


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