CinematographerLol Crawley
DirectorAntonio Campos
Aspect Ratio2.40
GenreDrama; Period (1960s)
CameraArricam LT and Arricam ST
LensesCooke S4
Format35mm film
Film StocksKodak Vision3 500T 5219 and Kodak Vision3 250D 5207
CategoriesWide Shots; Churches; Frames Within Frames; Car shots; Diners; Hotels; Three Shots; Close-Ups

The Movie

“When I read (Daniel Ray Pollock’s) book, it had all the elements I loved of a Flannery O’Connor story and a Jim Thompson novel like The Killer Inside Me or The Grifters. It was like Southern Gothic and hardboiled noir all mixed together in a stew.” – Director Antonio Campos

“There’s a lot of no good sons of bitches out there,” says the teenaged Arvin (Tom Holland) in The Devil All the Time. He crosses paths with quite a few of them in this Netflix adaptation of Daniel Ray Pollock’s debut novel, including a predatory priest (Robert Pattinson), a corrupt cop (Sebastian Stan), and a pair of married serial killers (Jason Clarke and Riley Keough). Though set in small towns in Ohio and West Virginia and along the rural byways that connect them, this period Southern Noir was shot largely on practical locations in Alabama.


Click on the frames below for quotes from director Antonio Campos and cinematographer Lol Crawley on the making of The Devil All the Time.

Sources: Kodak, Below the Line, Variety

Wide Shots

Frames Within Frames


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