CinematographerMatthew Libatique (imdb link)
DirectorJon Favreau
Aspect Ratio2.40
DistributorParamount; Marvel
GenreAction; Super Hero
CamerasPanaflex Millennium; Millennium XL; PanArri 235
Lenses (spherical)
Panavision Primos, Angenieux Optimo zooms (17-80mm T2.2 and 24-290mm T2.8), and Cooke CXX 15-40mm T2 zoom
Format  35mm; Super 35
Film StocksKodak Vision2 200T 5217, Kodak Vision2 500T 5218; Printed on Kodak Vision 2383
Production schedule – 96 days
Additional ReadingMay 2008 issue of American Cinematographer magazine

CategoriesInserts; Mixed Color Temperatures; Two Shots; Eye Lights; Close-ups; Full Shots; Foreground/Background; Reflections; Frames Within a Frame; Color – Red

The Movie
A hedonistic arms dealer (Robert Downey Jr.) develops a conscience – and an impenetrable flying suit powered by a fusion reactor – in this Iron Man origin story that served as the launching pad for Marvel’s interconnected 22-film series dubbed the “Infinity Saga.”


Annotated Frames

Click on the shots below for “making of” notes from Iron Man.

May 2008 issue of American Cinematographer magazine
Super Hero Hype
Rotten Tomatoes

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