“I really like that sodium vapor look that is kind of fading. Everyone is moving to LEDs at this point, so this felt like a final hurrah for sodium vapor.”

I talked with DP Andrew Droz Palermo for Filmmaker Magazine about shooting night exteriors with the aforementioned vanishing streetlights as well as the influence of Roger Deakins, Xena: Warrior Princess and 1980s Cannon knock-offs on the first season of Marvel’s Moon Knight. Check out the full story.

Palermo lensed the two episodes of the series directed by the Synchronic duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Shooting took place in Budapest and Jordan on Alexa Mini LF’s with Arri Signature Prime lenses.

Below you’ll find a few snippets from the Filmmaker piece.

This is my fifth interview with Palermo, who was the very first cinematographer who agreed to chat with me when I started this blog almost ten years ago. Here’s our previous conversations on You’re Next, Rich Hill, A Ghost Story and The Green Knight.

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