CinematographerJo Willems
DirectorRemi Weekes
StudioNetflix and BBC Films
GenreHorror; Haunted House
Aspect Ratio2.40
Filming Locations – Exteriors were shot on location in Tilbury in Essex, with interiors recreated inside a studio in London. The Africa-set scenes were filmed in Morocco.

The Movie
The main narrative obstacle in most haunted house films is conjuring a reasonable explanation for why the victimized residents don’t simply abandon the premises. His House posits one of the subgenre’s most compelling justifications – the terrorized South Sudanese refugees (Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku) can’t leave their  British housing estate during the asylum process under threat of deportation, thus trapping them inside their dilapidated apartment with the ghosts of their traumatic emigration.

“What helped me craft this story was when I read about how, when you’re given accommodations, you have to follow these draconian rules. You can’t leave the house, you can’t get a job, you’re given this small amount of money to live on. For asylum seekers, this is a really traumatizing thing, a really cruel punishment to come into a country trying to understand what the next phase in their life is. I found it quite fascinating from a story perspective, because you’re forced to live in this house full of your traumas, and that was the moment I found the core of the film.” – director Remi Weeks, from

Single Frames

Groups of Frames


Asylum interview

The scene – Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) are interviewed before being granted conditional British residency and assigned temporary housing.

Jump scare

The scene – Bol investigates noises coming from an opening in the wall of his new home.


The scene – Bol and Rial have a candlelit dinner in their new house.

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