On the set of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

In honor of Wes Anderson turning 49 today, here’s a collection of photos from the making of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004). Many of these were snapped by the film’s unit stills photographer Philippe Antonello.

Pics collected from a variety of sources, including the Criterion Collection and IMDB. Continue Reading ›

Pic of the Day – Harris Savides on the set of Zodiac (2007)

A pair of production stills featuring cinematographer Harris Savides (Milk, Elephant, American Gangster) on the set of David Fincher’s Zodiac (2007). Both pics were taken by unit stills photographer Merrick Morton. Zodiac was one of the first movies to use Thomson’s Viper FilmStream high-definition digital cameras. Here’s Savides’ thoughts on the camera, from the May 2007 issue of American Cinematographer Magazine:

“I didn’t like the viewfinder, the umbilical cord to the recorder, or the need for a digital-imaging technician just so you can turn the camera on. But someone’s got to start using these systems to help make them better, and, of course, film has its problems, too. Nothing is perfect. But what is the net gain of shooting digitally? So far, from my perspective, any benefit of using digital cameras lies in postproduction, not production. In the future, I see smaller, better cameras; fewer crewmembers needed to service them; and a method of production that’s freer and less encumbered by technology. But that’s not the situation right now.”

Possession (1981)

Year 1981
Decade – 1980s
Director – Andrej Zulawski
Cinematographers – Bruno Nuytten
Aspect Ratio – 1.66
Genre  Horror
Lenses – spherical
Format 35mm
Other Key Words Video Nasties; Close-Ups; Phone Calls; Shot/Reverse Shot Continue Reading ›

Pic of the Day – Steve Fitch’s drive-in theaters of the 1970s

Steve Fitch photos of drive in movie theaters

(Above) A series of photos of drive-in movie theaters from photographer Steve Fitch’s 1976 book Diesels and Dinosaurs. See more of Fitch’s work here.

Top left – Chalk Hill Drive-in theater, Highway 80, Dallas, Texas, 1973
Top center – Drive-in theater, Dalhart, Texas, 1974
Top right – Drive-in theater, Highway 81, Waco, Texas, 1972
Bottom left – Drive-in theater, Highway I-5, Van Nuys, California, 1973
Bottom center – Drive-in theater, San Fernando Valley, California, 1973
Bottom right – Drive-in theater, Sharon, Pennsylvania, 1975

Westworld – Season One (2017)

Year 2017
Decade – 2010s
Cinematographers – Paul Cameron (pilot); David Franco; Jeffrey Jur; Robert McLachlan; Brendan Galvin
Director – multiple
Aspect Ratio – 1.78
Distributor – HBO
Genre  Western; Sci-Fi
Camera – Arricam LiteArriflex 435
Lenses – Cooke S4Canon K35; Fujinon Premiere zooms; spherical
(Most of the show was shot on the Cookes. The K35’s were used for flashbacks/dream sequences.)
Format 35mm; 3-perf Super 35
Film StocksKodak Vision3 (5219 500T; 5207 250D; 5203 50D)
(5219 500T for night interiors/exteriors, 5207 250D for some dusk scenes, and 5203 50D for daylight interiors/exteriors.)
Other Key Words Wide Shots; High and Low Angles; Composition; Two-Shots; Close-Ups; Shot/Reverse Shot; Bokeh Continue Reading ›