Deep Fried Interview: Cheap Thrills cinematographer Andrew Wheeler

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There’s an axiom in movie production that goes like this – you can do something fast, you can do it cheap or you can do it well. Any two are possible simultaneously, but only at the expense of the third. So if you want something done fast and cheap, you will sacrifice quality. If you want something done inexpensively and done well, it will not be fast.

Cheap Thrills defies that conventional wisdom. Continue Reading ›

Deep Fried Interview: Patrick cinematographer Garry Richards

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During their decade-plus of making music videos together, Australian director Mark Hartley and cinematographer Garry Richards always hoped for the chance to make a feature. One that paid homage to the Gothic chillers and Brian De Palma and Alfred Hitchcock thrillers they grew up admiring.

That chance has arrived with Patrick, the duo’s Gothic-flavored remake of the 1978 Australian genre favorite about a seemingly comatose patient at a remote psychiatric hospital who wreaks telepathic havoc on his caretakers, including a new nurse played by You’re Next heroine Sharni Vinson.  Continue Reading ›