Behind the Scenes: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

American Werewolf in London (Rick Baker twitter)

Photo courtesy of Rick Baker’s Twitter feed.

(Above) Director John Landis prepares to push effects artist Rick Baker and his lycanthropic pal into the Piccadilly Circus-set finale of An American Werewolf in London (1981). Landis first gave the script to Baker in 1971 when the pair were working on Landis’ directorial debut Schlock! Baker, in turn, told Landis about the Change-O heads he was developing, which would ultimately make An American Werewolf in London’s transformation scenes a new benchmark in special effects. Continue Reading ›

31 Days of Horror: Hand-painted Thai movie posters

Terror Train (#2c)

Terror Train (1980)

Before putting together this collection of movie posters from Thailand, my knowledge of the country was informed almost entirety by The Hangover II, Only God Forgives and, of course, that staple of Thai tourism, Kickboxer. But in the process, I discovered a few new Thailand facts.

1) Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles. Is Malaysia known as The Kingdom of Snuggles and nobody told me? (continue reading) Continue Reading ›