Set stills from David Lowery’s A Ghost Story

Banner photo courtesy of A Ghost Story cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo

Put together a few behind the scene pics from A Ghost Story, a rumination on mortality, time, and humanity’s place in the cosmos from writer/director David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon).

Check out this interview I did with the movie’s cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo for Filmmaker Magazine. I also highly recommend American Cinematographer Magazine’s feature on the film from the August issue.

Tech Info
Aspect Ratio: 1.33
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini (2.8K ProRes, 4:3 mode)
Lenses: Panavision Super Speeds and Ultra Speeds, Panavision Primo Zooms

Deep Fried Interview: You’re Next cinematographer Andrew Palermo

You're Next poster 3

In the last decade, the three dominant trends in studio horror films have been the torture cycle initiated by Hostel, the spate of slasher remakes and, most recently, the flood of supernatural found footage flicks. The first repulsed with its sadism. The second cloyingly grasped at nostalgia. The third bored by ignoring most of the tools in the filmmakers’ arsenal in favor of a “realistic” aesthetic with scares predicated on pieces of furniture scooting around on their own.

You’re Next, given a wide release by Lionsgate in early August, is an antidote to everything that’s made slogging through these horror cycles an unpleasant chore. Continue Reading ›