Behind the scenes stills, posters and more from Brian De Palma’s original Carrie (1976)

Carrie poster #2 (#25)

“I’ve made so many films and people still keep saying “The Horror Genre.” They never seem like horror films to me! Horror films are “Hammer Films” — vampires and Frankenstein. I love those pictures, but I don’t feel it’s exactly what I’m doing…” – Brian De Palma in a 1977 issue Cinefantastique

One of the arguments in the case against director (and noted Alfred Hitchcock fetishist) Brian De Palma is that De Palma is a cold formalist who places the style of his intricate set pieces above the human beings within them. Which is why it’s so surprising that De Palma’s 1976 version of Carrie is filled with significantly more empathy than the recent remake from director Kimberly Peirce, the humanist behind Boys Don’t Cry. (continue reading) Continue Reading ›

31 Days of Horror: The cover art of Arrow Video

Day of the Dead (Arrow video)

Arrow Video is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of home media. Or, more appropriately, the Dr. Schlock and Mr. Prestige. The British company has released extras-laden DVDs for  the likes of The Bicycle Thief and The Conformist. It has also released B-movie morsels Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Christmas Evil and Maniac Cop. (Continue reading) Continue Reading ›