Pic of the Day: The Creature from the Black Lagoon terrorizes Okinawa in this 1950s ad

Revenge of the Creature movie ad in Japam

A towering Gill-Man coaxes residents of Okinawa into theaters to see Revenge of the Creature (1955). This pic comes from the Facebook group Universal Monsters and More and was posted by David Crouse, whose uncle snapped the photo while stationed in Okinawa in 1957/1958.

Like its predecessor – 1954’s Creature from the Black LagoonRevenge was shot in 3D and director by Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space, The Incredible Shrinking Man). The sequel also features the screen debut of Clint Eastwood in a small role as a lab technician.

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Pic of the Day: For a Few Dollars More (1965)

For a Few Dollars More german poster art


The German poster art for the middle entry in Sergio Leone’s “Dollar” trilogy of Spaghetti WesternsCheck out more Pics of the Day here.

The trilogy upped the ante on cinematic violence, a gauntlet picked up by Bonnie and Clyde (1967) and The Wild Bunch (1969). Long-tenured New York Times film critic Bosley Crowther was not amused by the bloodshed. Here is the concluding paragraph of Crowther’s review for the American release of For a Few Dollars More in July of 1967.

“But the fact that this film is constructed to endorse the exercise of murderers, to emphasize killer bravado and generate glee in frantic manifestations of death is, to my mind, a sharp indictment of it as so-called entertainment in this day. There is nothing wholesome about killing men for bounty, nothing funny about seeing them die, no matter how much the audience may sit there and burble and laugh.”

Crowther’s distaste at the graphic shift of the American cinema reached its apex a month later when he bashed the August release of Bonnie and Clyde. By December of the same year, he had announced his retirement after 27 years at the Times.

The Posters of Clint Eastwood

The autumnal critical and commercial success of Clint Eastwood continues with American Sniper, which bowed to more than $90 million at the domestic box office this weekend (the second highest grossing R-rated opening in movie history) and earned Eastwood his eighth Oscar nomination since 2004. Not bad for a guy who, prior to turning 60, was primarily known for playing a nameless gunfighter, a civil liberties-infringing renegade cop and a bare-knuckle boxer with an orangutan sidekick. Continue Reading ›