Tales From the Crypt (1972)

Running Time: 92 minutes
Rating: PG
Who the Devil Made It: director Freddie Francis
Cast: Ralph Richardson, Joan Collins, Ian Hendry, Peter Cushing, Roy Dotrice, Nigel Patrick, Patrick Magee
Cinematographer: Norman Warwick
Studio: Amicus

A woman is attacked on Christmas Eve by an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa Claus. Now imagine that same scenario, only the woman has just murdered her husband with a fire poker. That turn of the screw defined the worldview of EC Comics’ pulp horror rag Tales From the Crypt during its run in the 1950s. The victims of the macabre morality tales usually had it coming, an idea which extends to Amicus’ 1972 anthology film version. Unsurprisingly, considering this adaptation’s British roots, that comeuppance is often inflicted upon a member of the monied class. Continue Reading ›

A few comics-to-film comparisons from Tales From the Crypt (1972)

Though it takes its name from EC Comics’ 1950s horror rag, the anthology Tales From the Crypt (1972) actually lifts its five macabre yarns from a trio of EC’s genre titles. Below you’ll find a few comics-to-film comparisons from the movie, which is one of the best of the seven portmanteaus that Amicus released during the British studio’s run as a rival to Hammer.

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Behind the Scenes: Sin City – A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Sin City_Page_1

If you missed Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For during its theatrical run – and judging by the film’s paltry box office take, you did – the belated sequel arrives on home video this week. Here’s a peak at the movie’s greenscreen-centric production. Continue Reading ›