Behind the Scenes: Noah (2014)


After the more intimate The Wrestler and Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky returned to large scale storytelling with Noah, a $125 million Biblical disaster epic. Below is a collection of behind the scenes production stills from the film. The majority of the pics come from photographer Nico Tavernise, who also shot stillsĀ on Aronofsky’s previous two movies. Check out more of Tavernise’s work here.

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Behind the Scenes: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Noah, photos by Niko Tavernise

Spiderman 2 2 (#9)

The behind the scenes photos that typically make their way to the public come in two varieties – shots attempting to replicate an image that will be in the film or shots depicting benign production activities (i.e. your standard director pointing at something).

Not the work of Niko Tavernise, which can be found on his website here.

Below are just a few photos from Tavernise’s work on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (set for a May 2014 release) and Darren Aronofsky’s Noah (due in March of next year).

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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