Behind the Scenes: Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters 21

Ghostbusters arrived in theaters on the same June day in 1984 as Gremlins. My family made the Sophie’s Choice-esque decision to see Gremlins and I had to wait for VHS to watch Bill Murray and company do battle with a giant marshmallow sailor hell bent on destroying Manhattan. Thirty years have now passed, which has inspired a glut of Ghostbusters retrospectives, including an excellent oral history by Entertainment Weekly.

Below are a few tidbits of Ghostbusters trivia from EW’s article followed by a gallery of production stills, many of which come from Don Shay’s out-of-print book Making Ghostbusters. If that isn’t enough Ghostbusters, here are links to a trio of old Starlog features – an interview with Ernie “That’s a Pretty Big Twinkie” Hudson, an interview with director Ivan Reitman and a feature on the film’s special effects. Continue Reading ›