Deep Fried Interview: Haunt director Mac Carter


(Above) Director Mac Carter in front of the haunted domicile at the center of Haunt, released today on home entertainment platforms by IFC Midnight.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Whatever the equivalent proverb is for filmmaking, director Mac Carter embraced it on the supernatural horror film Haunt.

Shot on the Red Epic in Salt Lake City, Haunt was intended to be lensed in a house surrounded by lush foliage with a Ouija board at its center. Then Utah dumped an unseasonable load of snow on the production and Hasbro refused to allow the movie to use its trademarked Ouija board. Carter turned both curses into blessings, shifting Haunt’s surroundings to a wintry landscape accentuated by cool blues and abandoning the Ouija board for a more cinematic “ghost box.” Continue Reading ›