Deep Fried Interview: Black Rock cinematographer Hillary Spera

Black Rock poster #2

A trio of estranged friends (Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell and Katie Aselton) retreat to an isolated Maine island from their youth to reconnect. However, their cathartic trip down memory lane is interrupted when an accident places them in violent opposition to a group of recently discharged soldiers hunting on the island. Imagine Deliverance with a gender twist and you get the idea behind Black Rock, an indie horror thriller with an emphasis on character and a naturalistic aesthetic atypical of the genre. (continue reading) Continue Reading ›

31 Days of Horror: The posters of David Cronenberg

Shivers (#2)

The horror film has always been the one genre in which a novice filmmaker with no connections to the Hollywood machine could get his or her movie distributed merely by making something marginally competent. However, filmmakers who get their foot in the door that way have often found those feet stuck.

Canadian auteur David Cronenberg – who spent the first decade of his career in horror – is one of the few filmmakers who managed to escape the genre and achieve critical acclaim. Which is quite a feat considering Cronenberg’s feature debut Shivers (1975) is a film about a parasite turning the denizens of an uber-modern high rise apartment building into sex-crazed zombies. (continue reading)

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31 Days of Horror: The posters of William Castle

William Castle #2

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Today, William Castle is remembered almost exclusively for his horror films and the gimmickry that accompanied them. However, by the time Castle released his first notable fright flick – 1958’s Macabre – he was already the journeyman director of nearly 40 films ranging from noirs to mysteries to a slew of westerns. (continue reading) Continue Reading ›

31 Days of Horror: Set stills from The Exorcist

The Exorcist


A pair of photos of director William Friedkin at work on his film The Exorcist (1973), a movie whose massive financial success temporarily enticed the major studios into making a spate of expensive horror pictures such as 1976’s The Omen.  The photos come courtesy of the treasure trove that is Cinema Behind the Scenes.

Th exorcist #2