31 Days of Horror: Shivers (1975)

Italian poster for David Cronenberg's Shivers (1975)

An Italian poster for David Cronenberg’s debut feature Shivers (1975), which finds the residents of an ultra-modern high rise apartment turned into sex-crazed zombies by a parasite. Shot on Nun’s Island in Montreal, the Canadian film was released in the states as They Came From Within.

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Pic of the Day – Italian poster for Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets (1973)

Mean Streets italian poster by averardo ciriello

(Above) Averardo Ciriello’s Italian poster art for Martin Scorsese’s breakout third feature film Mean Streets (1973). Though set around the New York neighborhoods where Scorsese grew up, 20 of the film’s 26 shooting days took place in Los Angeles.

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Pic of the Day: The Madonna-centric Italian poster for Vision Quest (1985)

Vision Quest italian poster

Set in Spokane, Washington, Vision Quest (1985) stars Matthew Modine as a high school wrestler who embarks on a quixotic mission to drop multiple weight classes in order to take on his region’s top grappler.

Madonna makes a brief appearance in the film as a singer at a club crooning “Crazy for You.” That cameo was enough for Italian poster artist extraordinaire Enzo Sciotti to re-imagine the movie as a Madonna vehicle in which Modine also does a bit of wrestling – in a ring.