Behind the Scenes: Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters 21

Ghostbusters arrived in theaters on the same June day in 1984 as Gremlins. My family made the Sophie’s Choice-esque decision to see Gremlins and I had to wait for VHS to watch Bill Murray and company do battle with a giant marshmallow sailor hell bent on destroying Manhattan. Thirty years have now passed, which has inspired a glut of Ghostbusters retrospectives, including an excellent oral history by Entertainment Weekly.

Below are a few tidbits of Ghostbusters trivia from EW’s article followed by a gallery of production stills, many of which come from Don Shay’s out-of-print book Making Ghostbusters. If that isn’t enough Ghostbusters, here are links to a trio of old Starlog features – an interview with Ernie “That’s a Pretty Big Twinkie” Hudson, an interview with director Ivan Reitman and a feature on the film’s special effects. Continue Reading ›

31 Days of Horror: Canada’s “Canuxploitaton” posters

My Bloody Valentine

From the rise of the Tea Party to the shutdown of the federal government, the recent fissures in American politics boil down to one essential question: What should our government – and by extension our tax dollars – be paying for? Healthcare? Corporate tax breaks? Education? Exploitation movies?

Did I lose you on that last one? As ludicrous as it may sound, funding exploitation movies with tax dollars is essentially what Canada once inadvertently did, inaugurating an era known as Canuxploitation. (continue reading) Continue Reading ›