50 Behind the Scenes pics for Jaws’ 40th Anniverssary

Ben Gardner’s severed head still gets ’em. I caught a 40th Anniversary screening of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) yesterday as part of the Cinemark theater chain’s Classic Series, and when the bloated, bulging-eyed cranium of doomed fisherman Ben Gardner popped up through a hole in his boat, most of the audience jumped out of their seats just as they had four decades ago when Jaws – for better or for worse – forever changed the idea of a summer blockbuster.

Here’s a look back at the making of the film, which remains a lean, brutally efficient B-movie made by A-list talent. For further reading, check out this 1975 feature on the film in American Cinematographer courtesy of the blog The Bearded Trio. Continue Reading ›