Deep Fried Interview: In a World cinematographer Seamus Tierney

In a World poster

Though her resume includes everything from the comedic absurdity of Childrens Hospital to the horror film Black Rock, to moviegoers with a more mainstream studio palette actress Lake Bell is most recognizable as the rom-com best friend or comedic sidekick, doing thankless wing-woman duty in movies like What Happens in Vegas. Bell breaks out of that niche in a significant way with In a World, her feature directorial debut. Continue Reading ›

Deep Fried Interview: Black Rock cinematographer Hillary Spera

Black Rock poster #2

A trio of estranged friends (Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell and Katie Aselton) retreat to an isolated Maine island from their youth to reconnect. However, their cathartic trip down memory lane is interrupted when an accident places them in violent opposition to a group of recently discharged soldiers hunting on the island. Imagine Deliverance with a gender twist and you get the idea behind Black Rock, an indie horror thriller with an emphasis on character and a naturalistic aesthetic atypical of the genre. (continue reading) Continue Reading ›